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Art as a place of beauty. Somnium Space is a place to meet and connect.
Art Official is where it authentically comes together.

Art & Coffee is a dual symbiotic concept

The Art represents space for art, artists and collectors. We host multiple events for artists and collectors and provide them with space to present themself, share ideas and build communities. We provide space to other content creators and event organizers in the art and nft space.

The cafe represents space for everyone. Every person is welcome to come in and do whatever they can do in a cafe. Here people meet with friends, hold business meetings and rest in beautiful virtual reality environment full of art and potential.


We build positive welcoming community for everyone


We communicate openly and positively with others


We are looking for ways to help each other and grow together


We treat others with respect, empathy, and compassion


We are doing awesome things and we are pushing the limits of possible

Art & Coffee values

Weekly events

Enter the metaverse

Meeting is a key factor in community building. We are using the most advanced technology in the metaverse space. Somnium allows us to meet in an environment where limitations of physical world no longer apply but meeting your friends feel almost as real as the physical touch.

We own five unique properties that alow us to host our events in a way that let everyone feel the bonding of meeting with their friends.

Enter metaverse

You are welcome to join us

Wether on the webXR version or the downloaded and persistent PC Client version. We are available to meet and discuss any potential projects and facilitate newcomers and veterans of this space just the same.


Art Official is open to free quotes to further explore if this way of exhibiting your art is for you. 

Feel free to fill out a form and leave us a brief explanation of what you are interested in and we'll respond at our earliest convenience.

Join us

For artists & collectors

For artists and collectors we offer frequent exhibitions with networking, drops, short-form or long-form interviews, and invitations as guests to our podcasts. Events each week. If you are interested feel free to dm me on  or or click the button below.

For artists & collectors

For content creators

For content creators including podcasters, streamers, bloggers, Djs and others, we offer space in our top location metaverse properties. You can create your content in cool virtual environment. You can meet with your fans there. You can use it as visual presentation layer to your audio if you are hosting clubhouse room. You can use podcasting studio with the best view in any metaverse to host your show. You can trow a party for your fans in one of my places and many more. Possibilities are endless and cost is zero. Just dm me on or click the button bellow.

For content creators

For curators

For curators and galleries, we offer zero commision zero fee rent of one of the floors in our top location metaverse properties. We are looking for at least one exhibition or another onsite event with audience each week that will also change installed art to keep the exhibit fresh and interesting for visitors. You can curate your own virtual gallery with zero cost. Just dm me on or click the button bellow.

For curators

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