Cafe is the main gallery right next to the city center and the Ready Player One giant robot. You can find it right behind the planatarium. Weekly exhibitions and networking events take place here. It features two floors with art installations, cafe patio and a roof as a place to rest and meet with friends.

Cafe is located at the parcel 4634 of Somnium Space metaverse.



The Lakehouse is the flagship gallery for Art & Coffee. It is located close to the city center and it is part of one big art gallery district. It is siting on the bank of a huge lake and it has no neighbors from one side. It's ideal location, four floors and a huge size of this building (12000 sqm ~ 130000 sq foot) make it place for most epic events. It is capable of holding eight distinct big exhibitions at the same time or one really big event as a huge convention center. Glass floors and magnificent view to the lake make this one of the most beautiful buildings in whole Somnium Space.


Cafe is located at the parcel 662 of Somnium Space metaverse. 



The Tower is a countryside art gallery inspired by modern design located just behind the first bridge. It's right next to a beautiful forest with some wildlife that you can watch from cafe patio in front of the building. It features four floors with art installations and a roof cafe with amazing view all around. There are no other buildings high enough to block your view from hight of over 40 meters.

Cafe is located at the parcel 4634 of Somnium Space metaverse.


Open Sky Studio

The Open Sky Studio is a small podcasting studio located in best location possible. It's right next to the beautiful lake, city center and park where Beeple was auctioned. It has amazing view to all these landmarks and breathtaking view to a floating island. It features huge virtual screen for browsing web during a podcast and it has blue screen in case you need to key your background and replace it with something else.


Cafe is located at the parcel 377 of Somnium Space metaverse.



The Labyrinth is a child of 13 yo artist @layamathikshara. It is located in the same art district as the Lakehouse and it is even closer to the city center than that. Walking in the Labyrinth represents journey of discovery into the artist's mind. You can find art of various featured artists, you can find more about them and if you really try you might be able to discover something about yourself. 

Cafe is located at the parcel 2952 of Somnium Space metaverse.