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Each Tuesday at 23:00 CEST, 5pm ET


Exhibition and interview with an emerging artist in Somnium Space metaverse gallery. Each week you have an oportunity to meet new artist, learn about them and their art and ask them questions like you were standing next to them in the physical gallery.


Everyone is welcome to join in browser or on live stream. Recording of the exhibition will be available on youtube.


Are you interested in exhibition in Art & Coffee gallery?

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NFT Drops

We do live nft drops and interviews with the artist in our Open Sky Studio or one of our galleries. The artist will drop nfts on their own marketplace and we help them with this live event. This gives other artists and collectors the opportunity to learn about their drop and understand artist's perspective better.  We believe that you need to first understand the story of the artist to fully appreciate their art.


Everyone is welcome to join is live on stream or see the recording later on youtube.

NFT Drops

Do you have a drop coming and want us to organize a drop event?

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Interviews in the Open Sky Studio in Somnium Space metaverse. Ideal form to introduce new artists in a virtual studio with the best view you can find. We use a virtual in-world browser to give you both visual and audio parts of the artist's story and their art.


The show is streamed live on and available later on youtube.


Do you want to be featured in one of our interviews?

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NFT Podcast

Each Thursday at 20:00 CEST, 2pm ET

New podcast with Art & Coffee founder @Artific and amazing 3D artist and experienced game designer @rutzgroup about all things art and nft.

Watch live stream on twitch or recording on youtube.

Metaverse architecture podcast

Each Friday at 21:00 CEST, 3pm ET

New podcast with Art & Coffee founder @Artific and one of the first nft art curators with extensive background in architecture @UC_CITY about art and architecture in the metaverse and nft space in general. 

Watch live stream on twitch or recording on youtube


Do you want to be a guest on one of our podcasts?

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